The Next Generation Smart Metaverse

Welcome to the future of digital experiences. Our platform, WESP, redefines the Metaverse landscape by offering a multi-layered, AI-powered Smart Metaverse enriched with an integrated App Store. Explore a wide range of user experiences, from immersive interactions to innovative app creations, all within our visionary ecosystem.

Empowering your Metaverse journey

Wesp is a Metaverse platform with options to create and run third-party apps. It allows users to modify avatars and 3D environments while running programs from various industries. Companies can conduct business using NFTs. Create your apps with one of three levels of interfaces: combining 3D elements, scripting, or C++ coding. Bring your ideas to life in the Metaverse with Wesp.

Third-Party Apps

Create or run a third-party app and start or boost your business.

Developer Interfaces

Three levels of developer interfaces, starting with an easy level for everyone.

App Store

Integrated App Store with AI based verification process.

AI Design Software

Integrated AI building design software.

Avatar Face Scan

Face scan for Avatar creation with visible label of verification.

E-commerce platform

Begin setting up your store for digital assets and physical products.

Sharing Ecosystem

Shared economy and self-governance for each district.

Saas platform

Begin utilizing your own app to boost your business.

Free Land-Parcels in the Metaverse!

Build your own virtual company in the thriving Metaverse community. Free single land-parcels are coming soon. Designate combined parcels to build your company building and join the excitement. Unused parcels will be moved outside the map for a constantly updated experience. Get even more options with premium fixed and combined land-parcels for sale by subscription.
Stay tuned for updates and be one of the first to start building in the Metaverse!

Shopping mall

Buy or build your own shop for digital and physical goods.


Build your own house with the AI building design software.


Conferences or concerts on your own or dedicated square or dome.


Fund-raise, develop and exploit your own 3D games in a city relax-area.


Fund-raise and develop a skyscraper. Sell the offices to businesses.


Online courses in your own training center or use the free rooms. Or build your own campus.

AI building design software

You can rent an apartment or office in a skyscraper. Also you can let our integrated AI building design software built your own house, office, shop or other company building.

NFT 001 Plutonium

NFT 004 Thorium

NFT 005 Jetpack

Kitty Bank

Cash Cat

Penny Change

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